LeAnna Blackmon, MA
400 Continental Blvd., 6th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

Hope is a powerful and abundant resource within you.


When you tap into its power, you can create a vision for any aspect of your life and career that gives you direction and purpose right now so you can take the actions towards making that vision your reality.


Find ways to stay inspired to keep your Hope strong
 using the power of the anchoring "Confident Expectation" type of Hope.


As a Speaker, Writer and Trainer, LeAnna Blackmon is committed to making a difference for others. She will be sharing more soon about the power of Hope and Action -- and Success!

What is currently available is a copy of her poem "Infinite Hope Now," where you find freedom to experience Hope in the present moment so you can move forward. 

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Find The Hope Within | Identify Opportunities | Create Results

LeAnna Blackmon

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"Infinite Hope Now"

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